![[skiing_banner.jpg]] # Type Zero Fun Most of my life I have pursued adventure. Any endurance athlete knows about the [types of fun](https://www.rei.com/blog/climb/fun-scale), and Type 2 has always been my jam. I didn't know what it was, but something about the backcountry skiing in a whiteout knowing that if I stop moving I will freeze to death, or the experience of landing an airplane knowing if I make a mistake it could be fatal just did it for me. Everything melted away and all that existed for me was the task at hand. It's like a mental reset. Once I began discovering mindfulness and Buddhism through the works of Tara Brach and Ekhart Tolle I found the answer: presence. These activities kept me locked in the present moment. That's when I understood why Type 2 never felt like the right description. You see, the types of fun are defined by the _stories_ we tell about the fun. But it turns out, my favorite kind of fun was the fun where there was no good or bad, it just **is**. I coined the term Type Zero Fun to refer to the kind of fun where I am so present and in the moment that it ceases to be good or bad, it just is. These days I can access this state of being much more easily through mindfulness meditation and breathwork. I created this website and my breathwork facilitation business to share the insights and practices that I have benefitted from so much. My [[evergreen notes]] are a collection of personal notes that capture some of the things I've learned along the way. # Breathwork Facilitation [[What is Breathwork]] [[Before the Session]] [Book a session today!](https://calendly.com/jportukalian/individual-breathwork-session) # Content Warning I am not a trained therapist or mental/emotional health professional, nor do I have any training in neurobiology. This site serves to share my own personal healing journey and my own personal notes, which are based on my reading and understanding of the various topics. Use at your own risk. # Links [My Substack](https://jportukalian.substack.com/) [Buy me a coffee](https://www.buymeacoffee.com/BxFlUTEYH)