# tl;dr Jacob Portukalian Engineer, adventurer, facilitator, community and family oriented. Resilient, caring, intense, thoughtful, principled, grounded. ![[covid_photoshoot.jpg|300]] **Age**: 39 **Height**: 71" / 180cm **Gender**: Male **Location**: San Francisco Bay Area **Monogamy?**: Yes **Wants kids?**: Yes # About You You live a life of presence, purpose, activity, passion, and conviction. Your career is integral to your life, but does not dominate or consume your life. You want to leave this place better than you found it. You're active, sporty, and love the mountains. Spending time in the snow sounds like fun to you, and so does spending the weekend at a hot spring resort. A Michelin star meal and SF Symphony concert or a night of dancing or a 10 mile hike and picnic by a sub-alpine lake all sound like amazing dates to you. # About Us We are two securely attached humans who are able to hold and support each other as we grow and change and become the best versions of ourselves. We amplify each other, creating something that is bigger than the sum of its parts. We have lots of fun! We like to dance and play. We travel a lot. Sometimes we get lost, and we have a good time doing it. We stay active. We create a home that is a place of groundedness and peace and safety, a place where we can be present and sensual with each other. We're partners. We trust each other. # About Me ## Personality I'm an intense person, but not nearly as serious as I lead people to believe. I'm the guy running a half marathon in jean shorts ;) ![[truckee_half_2023.jpeg | 400]] I'm chill in the sense that things tend to not derail me. I'm able to both maintain high personal standards yet remain flexible and adaptive. I've been told that I have a calming, grounding, masculine presence. ![[van_at_june_lake.jpg | 400]] ## Relationship History Experienced in long-term cohabitating relationships. Housebroken. ## Family I'm from a large family and I would like to have 2+ biological children. I'm an uncle 14x over so I have a pretty good idea of what I'm getting myself into. ## Lifestyle My lifestyle prioritizes health, wellbeing, and enjoying life. I'm an early to bed early to rise person most of the time. I limit my social media use. I don't drink, but I do make delicious non-alcoholic cocktails. I do the occasional psychedelic or medicine journey. Over the years I've developed a number of spiritual practices. I have a regular meditation practice now, and I am a certified Revelation Breathwork facilitator. I was in a men's group for 3 years. ## Politics I'm from the Midwest and a very conservative family. Personally I have what I consider to be progressive politics, but I'm often not aligned with Bay Area liberal dogma. No reductionist, over simplified rhetoric (i.e. ACAB) for me. I believe in searching for common ground and treating everyone with curiosity and compassion even (or especially!) when we disagree. ## Career The first 10 years of my career were aerospace, I worked for SpaceX and Astra designing space vehicles. These days I'm more of a software engineer and work in robotics. ## Things I Like To Do ### Skiing I love to ski! Some highlights from the 22/23 season include being on a glacier, skiing with my friends the day of their wedding, and finishing the season on July 4th! ![[wedding_day_skiing.jpg]] ### Building+Creating I love to build and create. I have already done one camper van conversion, and I'm starting my second one in fall of 2023. I have a garage that I'm turning into a wood shop. I'm a 3rd generation carpenter and I love creating beautiful, useful things out of wood. ### Dancing I love to dance! My gateway into dance was through ecstatic dancing, and recently discovered blues fusion which I want to do more of. I also like other forms of physical play, like contact improv, acro yoga, and aerial hoop. In a way running is also like a dance, finishing a long run to a catchy song is one of the best highs! ### Sports Outside of skiing, I also like to run, cycle, swim, climb, and play sports like pickleball and table tennis. In 2020 I helped 2 friends finish their first half marathon by pacing for them. I also love backpacking, although I haven't been in a few years. ### Spending time with family It's a big one, mostly in Indiana. Thanksgiving week is typically spent there. ![[family.jpeg]] ### Festivals I enjoy the occasional music or other kind of festival. Never been to BM but open to it! I enjoy satellite burns and festivals like the SFIOP events. --- ## Ways I Like To Feel The thrill of turning on a device I've been designing and building for months and it just works. The experience of mastery when navigating to a new airport that I've never flown to before. The blissed out state of cycling between the sauna/hot tub and the cold plunge. The tingling of warming back up in the hot tub. The peace and clarity on the skin track, a hike, or an endurance race where I'm just present with the experience and feeling connected to the world that I'm in. Those moments where my identity as a self-contained entity blurs and I feel like a part of something that extends beyond my apparent physical boundaries. The complex cocktail of feels when topping out on a challenging objective, and the excitement and nervousness of knowing I still have to ski back down. The deep relaxation of laying down in front of the fireplace with a vibrant sound system, soft lighting, calming aromas, luscious textures. ![[living_room.jpg]] The taste of food with complexity and contrast, nuance and depth. ![[gesha.jpg|300]] The felt experience of connecting with another human or group of people. Holding space and helping other people go deeper into their own emotional experience. The warm cozy feeling of comfort and safety while cuddling after sex. The pride in knowing that I helped someone avoid the mistakes I've made. ![[baldy_trail.png | 400]] # Next steps If you get to this point and you find yourself excited to actually get to know me, [contact me here](https://forms.gle/Fht8RdC4DCacgyLx6)